Vitaly is a Circus SIberian tiger and one of the main characters in Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted.

Background Edit

Background taken from Vitaly's page on DreamWorks Wiki

Born and raised in Circus Zaragoza, Vitaly, the macho Russian tiger, grew up to be the star performer because of his act of jumping through hoops with such grace and speed as if he were flying, constantly pushing how far he could go by using increasingly smaller rings to jump through.

On one performance, Vitaly went too far — He set up a ring so small it could be used as a pinkie ring and even had it set on fire. He lubricated himself with olive oil, apparently unaware that the substance was highly flammable.

The resulting performance was a disaster: Vitaly (temporarily) lost his fur (which had always been soft but grew back rough and bristly), but worse, he lost his confidence, his dignity, and his passion. He became bitter, stopped taking risks, and drowned his sorrows in borscht soup. And to add insult (or rather, heartbreak) to his injury, Vitaly's wife left him and ran off with a musician.

Because their star performer, the very source of their inspiration, had lost his passion, so did the rest of the circus animals, and Circus Zaragoza soon fell into a rut with lousy performances that no one wanted to see.

Physical Appearance Edit

Vitaly appears as a bulky strong tiger. He has orange fur with black stripers and also wears a blue

Personality Edit

Vitaly ha s a fierce personality. He is tough, angry, kind, but serious. He used to be a funloving tiger, but after an accident, he became hostile and cold. He also disliked outsiders, but later helped them and accepted Laurie into their group and she sung "Firework" by Katy Perry for their new adventure.

Relationships Edit

Gia Edit

Vitaly has been a father figure to Gia

Zoo Gang Edit

Vitaly at first hates the zoo gang, mostly because they lied about being in the circus. However, in the end, he lets them stay in the circus and promises to Laurie that he'll treat her better.