Front: Phil and Mason, Private, Rico, Kowalski, Laurie, Maurice, Julien; Back (left to right) Alex, Melman, Marty, Gloria

The Madagascar franchise featuring Laurie McCartney. Laurie McCartney is a n average girl with the ability to talk to animals and venturing with friends who will become her family. Join her and her friends as they explore to parts unknown and Laurie's dream to cover the world

Laurie McCartney
Laurelei Jaime "Laurie" McCartney is the human protagonist of Madagascar franchise, starting in Madagascar to Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted. She also makes a cameo appearance in The Penguins of Madagascar and her title protagonist role is given to Kendra.


Laurie McCartney has lived with her aunt and brother. After Marty escapes, Laurie goes to the train station. During the Central Station, she is later knocked out and finds herself on a ship headed for Africa. She notices Alex from the Zoo, being rescued by Marty and dolphins, recognizing her as the Central Park Zoo's owner's niece, who can talk to animals. The five friends

Escape to Africa is the second segment to the Laurie's Madagascar Adventure series.