The Fossa are the main antagonists of Madagascar. They are terrified of Alex and Laurie, who wishes to skin their fur herself because of their tendency to hurt her friends

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Enemies Edit

King Julien and the lemurs Edit

The Fossa think nothing of the lemurs they eat and think of them as prey. However, since they are terrified of Alex, the Fossa stay away from the lemurs.

Laurie Edit

Fossa are scared of Laurie after she swears to skin them. However, after they realize she is powerless and they try to eat her, only for her and her friends to be saved by the Penguins and Alex.

Alex Edit

The Fossa are terrified of Alex, even more after he scares them away and saving Mort from being eaten by them. Due to their fear of Alex, the Fossa leave the gang's lemur friends alone.